Trade Show Management

Trade Show Management and Show Services

Team Approach

We like to include people from different parts of our team during the discovery process. Creative, Execution, and Logistics are part of our initial client calls. It’s critical to understand our client’s vision from the beginning as this ensures affordable, creative and achievable ideas early in the process.

Our designers are part of the process from the very beginning. Thye have done work for Fortune 500 brands and start-ups. Face to Face marketing is an important part of many brand strategies and we want them to understand what your goals are from day one.  Traffic flow and in-booth engagement are important–but so are understanding weights, crate sizes, drayage, etc. for all of the fees that show up during and after the event.

Trade Show Services

Be sure and grab a cup of nitro coffee before opening your next trade show manual. These manuals can be very overwhelming. Our Event Services team reads these for fun—just kidding!

We set up weekly calls with our clients to keep them updated on all aspects of the show. Keeping everyone and everything organized and on time is important to any trade show services partnership. We will actually save you money as it’s important to hit due dates to receive pricing discounts. Avoid the caffeine crash and allow us to manage this for you.

Program Benefits

Having a one-stop resource to partner with and manage your trade show program and strategy is essential. The 14 West team manages EVERYTHING you need as part of your trade show strategy. From first call to final recap, 14 West is right alongside you during the entire process.

Designing, engineering, building, crating, shipping, show registration, show services, storing… REPEAT. Let’s set up a call to see if we are the right partner for you.

Exhibit Storage and Logistics






Exhibit Care

Our 14 West team conducts pre- and post-show inspections to make sure all of your assets are event ready.  Booth damage can happen.  We will let you k now what repairs are necessary to get your booth back to it’s original condition. This process guarantees you are ready for your next event and not scrambling at Home Depot for last minute parts.

Whether you’re local or not, we always encourage you to come by for a visit. If you can’t fly in, we can share digital images and meet virtually.

Transportation & Trade Show Logistics

Managing trade show logistics and transportation can be a challenge unless you do it every day like our team in Wausau. ‘Last Minute’ happens, and we are ready for it. We work with reliable freight partners that know how important event dates are. Every venue and event have their own rules, and it’s our job to know them so you don’t have to.

Exhibit Storage

Once your assets have been received and checked by our team, 14 West will store your crate at our Wausau, Wisconsin facility. Our centrally located warehouse makes it convenient to affordably ship anywhere in the US.

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