Pop-up Exhibits

Pop-up Exhibits

14 West can take your brand to any trade show and present it to the attendees in a manner that makes your brand look its best!  Once we understand your trade show objectives and needs we can design a display that is a natural extension to your retail presence.  Some of the more popular categories of displays include:

Portable Exhibits

Easy to carry and set-up, portable displays are the “go to” displays for executing multiple shows with tight turnaround times.

Modular Exhibits

Small to mid-size companies can evolve their presence at a trade show by using modular displays.  These displays are ideal for adding in new product introductions and developments to present to the masses!

Creating YOUR Trade Show Exhibits All In-House

We drive results right from our garage.

14 West boasts a seasoned team of designers, engineers and manufacturers. Our creativity goes hand-in-hand with our technical expertise, allowing us to deliver truly one-of-a-kind exhibits for our partners all done in-house.

Portable/Pop-Up Exhibits

Modular Exhibits

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