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  • Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions

While others say “it’ll never work”. We like to say, “what if?” The antidote for ordinary starts with a mission to deliver branded promotions that absolutely must be creative. At 14 West, we simply don’t settle for ordinary. We do whatever it takes to deliver a finished product so compelling it captures your audience’s attention and brings you more customers.

  • Responsive. Guaranteed.

Responsive. Guaranteed.

We take pride in the fact that we're responsive. Thats why we don't just say we'll call you back in three hours. We guarantee it. We do this because we've worked on your side of the business. And we know firsthand how the client call goes when you're left holding the bag because your rep never got back to you.

  • Award-Winning Experience

From small and medium-sized brands to mainstream headliners, we’ve always kept the same standard – to deliver superior extensions to a brand. Along the way, we’ve earned a few props. And while we hate to brag, we’re pretty good at what we do. Or so we’ve been told.

A testimony to everything we do

Just a few comments from our partners

“14 West has consulted MillerCoors on many different product launches, promotions, distributor incentives, etc…their vast expertise has proven to be incredibly valuable…they listen to what our goals and objectives are and deliver ideas that are on strategy and on budget… as our workloads continue to increase 14 West has proven to be a real part of the team ... on top of it all they actually deliver when they say they will.”

Paul Hanson, VP Sales of MillerCoors

“Colony Brands has worked with Kevin Scharnek as our corporate representative for imported employee gifts since 1991. Even though we are bombarded with other competitors in this field, we are not interested in looking at them. Whenever I need something, all I need to do is email the 14 West team and tell them that I’ve got an event coming up, when it is, what the event is about, what I hope to accomplish with the gift, and what my budget is.”

Sheila Berrey, Director of Public Relations for Colony Brands

“I have worked closely with 14 West for over ten years ... the team is energetic and passionate about our needs…they have a great ability to understand our objectives and our marketing goals…they take time to listen to what we need…14 West has always delivered innovative solutions…whether the assignments were small domestic projects or large offshore sourcing needs, items are creative, on task, on time and on budget ... I strongly encourage you to give them a try.”

Greg Pahl, Manager Retail Marketing Execution of LaZBoy

“No more spending hours paging through catalog after catalog trying to find that unique gift. There have been times too when my deadline was pretty tight, but I have NEVER been disappointed - 14 West always comes through for me - on time! I’m a customer for life!”

Sheila Berrey, Director of Public Relations for Colony Brands